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Meet Archana Edmond 
Founder and Creator of 
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Archana was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India into an extremely pious Christian family. She was raised to be a God-loving child. She always had a heart to help and serve the lesser privileged and strived for equality even at a very young age. These were values her mother strongly instilled in her. She was very blessed to have extremely loving and doting parents. 

Archana was raised in Hyderabad and Delhi due to her father’s job. This made her less confined and more aware of other cultures and people as a young child. Archana was always very open to new experiences and easily adapted to new surroundings and environments. Growing up, Archana had a heart to give without expecting anything in return. She has also always been a very intuitive and spiritual person, seeing visions at a very tender age.

Archana always looked up to her mom as a strong source of inspiration in life. The loss of her mother during her mid-teenage years to Pulmonary Hypertension shook her world. She has never seen life the same way since. Her mother’s passing made her feel like the veil that protected her from evil had suddenly been removed.  Despite the trials of loss, Archana choose to get more closer to God rather than question Him. She joined YWAM Ministries and strengthened her relationship with God. This helped her stay more grounded.

Archana moved to the United States at the age of 21 for graduate school, giving her more independence as a young woman. As time passed, she was exposed to a lot of negativity, judgment, and criticism that created a lot of self-doubt and affected the way she looked at things around her. This also led to severe stress, anxiety and depression. It took her a couple of years to comprehend the change in her nature and realize how her environment and some people she surrounded herself with impacted her in a negative way. Archana has always been a "yes person", and knew that was not helping her fight her battle against anxiety and depression. Tired of wanting to please others, she sought counseling and worked on getting back to her inner self and what she wanted. This led her into first cutting the toxic people from her life and diving deep into her spirituality.

Slowly, Archana grew more grounded and became closer to navigating back to being her natural self. This journey was not easy but was much required. She met the right people who helped her grow in her spiritual journey. She soon studied Reiki, was certified in Reiki I and II, and was able to practice it diligently. She also ventured into muscle testing that immensely helped her and others she worked on. Archana was able to build her intuitive nature through her spiritual journey. Being an empath, she has long been able to understand others better and help them in the best way possible. During long meditation sessions, she could hear and see visions – reviving that gift from her childhood that she had quieted down with age and experience. She nurtured it back by calming her mind often and also tuning into it while practicing Reiki. This has helped her in return help others as she can relate to her clients and help them in the best way possible.

Archana is a certified Reiki Master and Practitioner.


It is never too late to change and understand your mistakes. You are only human! Cut the toxicity off and move yourself gently into the light. Learn from your mistakes and do not let it consume you. There is always a reason God leads you through dry lands, but He will never let go of you (His child).


Much Love and Blessings

Archana Edmond.

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