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Copper wire earrings featuring stacked carnelian and citrine spheres.  The faceted carnelian spheres rest on either side of the smaller, faceted citrine sphere.  Each crystal is tumbled and polished.  The three stones are separated by copper beads that are textured to appear slightly floral in nature.


Carnelian is a stone of grounding and clarification.  It works with the Root Chakra to give courage, dispel apathy, and increase self-trust and self-love.  Citrine is a crystal of cleansing and energizing. It pairs with the Solar Plexus and Crown Chakras to absorb and dissipate negative energy.  The crystals work together with copper to really ground and cleanse the wearer so they have a stronger personal and emotional foundation.


Made with Love. Made in the USA.  Ethically sourced.  Handmade.

Phoenix - Copper Earring - Carnelian and Citrine

  • 100% Copper

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