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Reiki Testimonials:

I had a very relaxing & calming experience. My session was very open & smooth & Archana helped to calm my mind & nerves. I had been dealing with job stresses & anxiety dealing with moving—Archana saw these concerns & was able to set my mind at ease during the session. Archana was able to help me focus on calming items & to divert my mind & energy off of the distractions & to focus rather on positives. I had an excellent experience with Archana—she truly cares & has compassion with her sessions to understand & empathize with her clients experiences. I would highly recommend Archana for Reiki & she has a God given gift!


P.C | Ohio


My Reiki Healing Session with Archana went way beyond my expectations! This is the first time I've received Reiki via zoom, and let me tell you, it was so powerful! As an energy healer myself, it was incredible to have such a clear channel work on me in this way. Archana is a true master at what she does. I felt completely held and safe in the space she created, and she gave me deep insights about how to support myself moving forward. I highly recommend her!


R.J | New York

Archana is very skillful.  I was able to receive Reiki without leaving my home.What a convenience! I felt peaceful during and afterwards and had the best sleep ever.  She told me she did some clearing in parts of my body and it was no coincidence that afterward I found myself clear-headed and motivated to organize  the remains of a project that was scattered about. An added plus is she is so likeable and comforting. I highly recommend her. 

E.F | North Carolina

Archana is such a caring and intuitive being ... she really wants to give to others love and the benefit of her considerable skill. My distance Reiki experience was so relaxing and soothing. It is real. I could feel the coming back just before Archana began to speak it. Amazing. Just wow. A wonderful experience with a very lovely and generous spirit in Archana. She is very considerate and thorough in explanation and makes sure you are fully aware of what to expect and how best to help yourself in the experience. No crystal is left unturned :0) 

I look forward to continuing in my healing with Archana. Her spiritual genuine nature is a gift to us all.  

A. M | United Kingdom 

My first reiki session was wonderful. Archana made sure I was comfortable and relaxed and told me what to expect since it was my first time. I highly recommend Archana for anyone! She helped with my stress and anxiety. After my session I felt relaxed and refreshed. She truly is special and talented. I cannot wait to have my next session!

S.L | New York


Overall: Great

May vary with each person. I solely made the decision to let go and drift into a realm of nothing. I became available and for that, I believe my experience was refreshing and reviving. I felt a safe place from the beginning to the end. I wasn't pushed to go anywhere, but instead, I floated as the current took me to where I needed to align. The guidance was professional and the flow of the chi was gently handled. I give Archana Two thumbs up!!


B.P | Iowa, Texas


Archana is a gifted Reiki healer. Her personality is so warm, gentle, and supportive that it is easy to open up to her and speak about your problems or what you want to improve on. I came to her because I was experiencing a lot of stress at work and during my daily life. During the session I felt the warm heat from Archana’s hand. I felt my energy travel through my body taking away the my stress and negative feelings. Her insight into me, my energy, and my thoughts during the session was spot on. I left feeling relaxed and calm. That night I slept better than I have in months. I woke up feeling refreshed and calm. I highly recommend Archana to all. I will be back for more sessions. Thank you so much. 


E.K | Wisconsin 


I tried distant reiki for the first time and I was absolutely blown away by how connected Archana was even from a distance. She was amazing. She is very intuitive, her voice and gentle words were so calming. I was going through what I felt like was a broken spirit at the time. By the end of my session I was emotional yet I was at peace after speaking with her. My only regret is waiting so long to do the session. Healing and clarity is what I needed. I am forever grateful <3


S.M | Arizona

I didn’t know what to expect from this online Reiki session.  What I experienced was an energetic flow, a grounding, a stillness, then a lightness, as if someone lifted a weight off me .  Archana later gave me her reading, which was spot on.  I needed this! This was experienced via the internet, which amazed me!  Energy flows all around us!  Thank you, Archana!

J.R | New York


My Reiki experience was really wonderful. Archana was very patient and professional with my whole experience even though it was my first time doing it. After the session, I was left feeling rejuvenated and energized and my spirits were lifted towards positivity and happiness. In addition, Archana followed up with my experience and ensured that I was getting the best advice towards improving my overall well-being. I would highly recommend trying Reiki out if you haven’t already because it has done wonderful things for me and I can’t wait for my next session with Archana! 


N.Y | Iowa, Malaysia 


Working with Archana is awesome! This was my very first Reiki experience and I could not be more impressed with the great sensitivity Archana has in this special health modality. 

She is very sincere, calm and caring throughout the session. What she noticed in my energy and worked on shows her ability to tune into another’s energy and gently transform negativities from the stresses of life into more positive vibrations. 

Later, after the session, I could feel her work still generating more openness and happiness in me. Even days later I am noticing the positive effects of working with her in this first session.

I look forward to having more Reiki with her. She is a jewel.


S.S | New Jersey


Archana is truly a blessing. I was at a really bad place, mentally and emotionally when I received my first reiki from Archana. I felt so much at peace after the session. I have been getting reiki on a regular basis from Archana via Zoom and I look forward to every session. I am slowly able to let go of my emotions and feel more rested emotionally and mentally. Her energy is very calming yet empowering.


A.S | India


Archana is truly talented in Reiki healing.  The session I had with her was an amazing experience that left me feeling super refreshed.  Her energy was so calming and comforting, and I felt super safe the entire time.  I highly recommend her Reiki sessions to anyone who is interested because

she really is the real deal.

K.H | Iowa

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