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Copper wire earrings featuring stacked aventurine and carnelian spheres.  The pretty green aventurine rests above the fiery carnelian and the two spheres surround a copper cylinder decorated with a diamond texture.  Each small sphere is tumbled and polished.  The stones are bordered by copper beads that are textured to appear slightly floral in nature.


Aventurine is a stone of prosperity and creativity.  It pairs with the Heart Chakra to stabilize the mind, stimulate perception, and enhance creativity.  Carnelian is a stone of grounding and clarification.  It works with the Root Chakra to give courage, dispel apathy, and increase self-trust and self-love.  The two crystals work together with copper to ground the wearer and build a solid foundation for their mental (building creativity) and emotional (increased self-trust and self-love) health.


Made with Love. Made in the USA.  Ethically sourced.  Handmade.

Felicity - Copper Earring - Aventurine and Carnelian

  • 100% Copper

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