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Copper wire earrings featuring obsidian spheres.  The obsidian rests below a decorative copper sphere that is hollow and decorated with a dotted texture.  Each stone is tumbled and polished.  The spheres are separated by copper beads that are textured to appear slightly floral in nature and miniature copper spheres.


Obsidian is a stone of truth and protection. It connects with the Root Chakra to block geopathic stress and protect from negative energy.  Copper is a major source of energy amplification and also features healing properties.  It works with the Root and Heart Chakras to help ground energy and increase personal vibrations.  These two elements work together to create the perfect grounding tool for the wearer and really encourage positive energy and higher vibrations.


Made with Love. Made in the USA.  Ethically sourced.  Handmade.

Poise - Copper Earring - Obsidian

  • 100% Copper

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